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Lori Salkin is a Matchmaker as well as the voice of SawYouatSinai and its partners on Facebook and Twitter.

Lori is one of the youngest and busiest Matchmakers on SawYouatSinai. Lori conducts on average, 5 weekly in person interviews on the East Coast, and at least another 10 phone interviews with members worldwide. Lori also participates in and leads several community shidduch committees in the Northeast Corridor from Boston to Philadelphia.

In addition to SawYouatSinai, professionally, Lori was elected to public office in Massachusetts in 2009 and has worked for MSNBC in New York City and NBC News’s local affiliate in Boston. Having been approached by several Television Networks about a Jewish Dating Reality TV show, it is Lori’s hope to soon host the first Jewish Reality Dating show.

Lori graduated from Boston University in 2004 with a Bachelors of Arts in Music and earned her M.B.A. in Finance and Management from Fordham University in 2008. Lori also studied at the Juilliard School in Dalcroze Masters Certification.

Lori and her husband Leon are approaching their 8th wedding anniversary and are parents to an adorable little girl, Chloe and new born boy Zachary.


Matchmaking Coaching

Lori is available for dating coaching in addition to matchmaking. Private white glove matchmaking and coaching is available as well. Please contact her for more information.


On The Radio

Listen to Lori on the air on Shidduch Night Live


Saturday nights @ 10PM.

Call in with your dating questions: (845) 613-2525

or email Lori’s inbox during the show: info@lorisalkin.com.

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I just wanted you to know how great Lori Salkin has been in supporting her members. The care, time, and personal interest that she puts into her matchmaking work is truly amazing! I have just had the privilege of getting to know Lori and I am so glad that I did, as it has made this process so much easier.


- T.K.


My connector Lori Salkin made a point of contacting me and interviewing me on the phone before she made any suggestions. We spoke for about an hour. She continues to contact me after dates to ask how my dates go. This helps give both of us a better idea of what I’m looking for. She’s working completely on a volunteer basis which makes me appreciate her even more. She’s very aware of her members. She knows what city I am in and doesn’t suggest people who are not in my vicinity. She also knows if I’m busy or not. Having a personal connection with my connector gives me greater control over my dating. I don’t get suggestions at inopportune time, and instead get suggestions when I feel I am available. I really appreciate Lori and all her work, and I believe her style of matchmaking is very effective.


- B.L.


I had heard about SYAS from friends, but I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing,” said RF of Brookline, and thought online dating would be impersonal and overwhelming. But Salkin, she said, lived in her neighborhood, and held her hand through the whole process. “I can’t give Lori enough credit for making my SYAS experience a success,” she recalled. “I joined when she told me she had a profile of a guy who she thought would be a good match.” Salkin was right, but it didn’t end there. “After connecting ‘M’ and I, she followed up on both sides to help us along,” she said. “She was not pushy, and followed our lead. She was there when I needed advice, or just needed someone to listen to me.


I just want to let you know that one of my shadchanim is doing an outstanding job and the results show. I am very hard to set because of my haskkafas but somehow Lori Salkin has figured me out to a “T” and set me up on some good dates. I know It’s common knowledge that your shadchanim work as a chesed but I know Lori does a lot more than almost any other shadchan that I have encountered on the site. I just wanted to make you aware that you have one of the best shadchanim out there because sometimes a person may not know that he has gold in his backyard.


- A.H.


He liked the fact that Lori knew the women very well. “Despite making use of a computer, human intelligence is always the best!”
- J.F.


Lori was an incredible resource during our courtship,” said Ken. “She would listen to my complaints and frustrations about my wife and about the dating process, and filter it all before she passed anything on to her. She helped us to negotiate key steps in our relationship, and she generally helped me to stay sane through the nervousness of proposing,


- Ken


It takes a person with compassion, dedication and perseverance to stick with a job like this,” said RF. “I’m incredibly grateful and humbled by the shadchanim on SYAS. Hashem sends the right person at the right time, and SYAS is a great way to let that happen!




I wanted to pass along my feedback on matchmaker Lori Salkin. I recently got the opportunity to meet Lori, and it’s been a true pleasure working with her. She is very diligent about her matchmaking and goes the extra mile to get to know her members and send quality matches.If there were SYAS Oscars for best matchmaker, I would like to nominate Lori. She’s an all-star! :)
- S.


I listened to JewishTalkRadio on Motzash for the first time to listen to Lori Salkin, I just wanted to say how amazing and inspirational Lori is. As a modern Orthodox woman, I’ve been told that doing it all is nearly impossible in today’s day and age. Therefore, it’s very refreshing to listen to Lori who is both a mother and entrepreneur. Women in the Orthodox world should all try to emulate her and know that we can do it all.
- A.G.


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