Lori has the ability to figure out exactly what you want before you’ve even figured out how to put it to words.


Lori not only opens doors in terms of whom you date but in how you date as well- in addition to introducing me to truly exceptional individuals, she has taught me by example how to use both head and heart, and infused a previously frustrating process with humor, energy, and wit, educating me not just how to be a good date but how to be a great husband, father, and friend.


I would say that the plus side of the experience with an intuitive matchmaker like Lori, is it helps with communication and you have a safe space to express how you’re feeling throughout the process. Often when my dates hit bumps Lori helped me with understanding whether it was a stop sign or whether I should press on the accelerator.

Also, Lori helped me see many inconsequential things that could have prevented the first date with the right person and she helped me focus on what was important and the building blocks of my relationship.


Before I met Lori going on dates was so awkward and sometimes I couldn’t even tell if it was a date or a casual hang out, but Lori makes dating way less stressful. She really guided me and gave me confidence in myself and now I’m happily married.


When a friend first told me that Lori Salkin isn’t a normal shadchan/matchmaker, I didn’t really know what to expect and was highly suspicious. However, after my initial reluctance and having gotten to know Lori over a period of time, I can firmly vouch for not only her efficacy and results, but the true value she’s adding to the greater Modern-Orthodox community at large. This is a shadchan who regularly gets quoted in both Jewish and non-Jewish press outlets, has spoken at multiple communities about dating in the Orthodox world, and has an MBA- she is definitely not a “normal” shadchan.

When both the more right-wing/yeshivish and left-wing/less frum communities have multiple, established, options for dating, it’s reassuring to know that there’s someone like Lori- young, approachable, smart, and caring- who has the best interests of both the young men and young women she works with at heart, and helps them navigate the complicated (and often convoluted) intricacies that are inherent to the “Modern-Orthodox” dating world.


Lori Salkin, the Matchmaker, the Scientist

I’ve never met Lori Salkin but somehow she knows me in a way only my closest friends and family do. You see, Lori isn’t just a matchmaker, she’s a scientist.

Just like a scientist….

Lori observes a phenomenon before trying to understand it. Lori is, above all, “a listener.” In our first few conversations, I don’t recall her speaking for more than a minute or two at any given time.

Lori looks for patterns. When I speak with Lori, I imagine her creating a Venn diagram of my dating preferences. More than identifying any one characteristic, she seems most interested in capturing the recurrent themes that course through my narrative of a potential partner. She appears trained to interpret my dating preferences through the prism of human physiology.

Lori seeks to understand the big picture from the smallest of details. Even a casual remark at the beginning of a conversation illicits the most thorough of follow up questions. It’s as if she can extract the subtext from even the most unremarkable of statements.

Lori isolates the relevant from the surrounding noise. Being articulate about the evanescent subject of attraction is difficult. And yet Lori possesses the unique ability to capture the essence of even the most long-winded of answers. In 15 words or less, Lori can summarize that which required 15 minutes for me to express.

Lori tests and retests her hypothesis. Sometimes I think she proposes matches that she knows I will reject. If I do, it’s a confirmation that she knows what I’m after.

Lori presents her conclusions with clarity and precision. When she describes what I am looking for, there is a lucidity to her observations. It’s as if she is walking me through an activity she has performed countless times.

Lori makes it look easy. Speaking with Lori is to engage in the most effortless of conversations. As we transition seamlessly from topic to topic, Lori is actually hard at work trying to deconstruct what I am looking for.


Lori makes it look easy. Speaking with Lori is to engage in the most effortless of conversations. As we transition seamlessly from topic to topic, Lori is actually hard at work trying to deconstruct what I am looking for.


In my mind, matchmakers were old grandmothers pairing up guys and girls like some people pair up socks from the dryer. Then Lori called me up and invited herself into my life, and my perception immediately changed: In her approach to making matches, she builds a keen knowledge of her clients, their needs, and desires, which has led me on a number of fun dates with great women. Her attention before and after dates is singular and unending, and testifies to the great extent she cares about her extended “dating family,” a great description of how she makes me feel. I am very grateful for having Lori on my team in finding my mate, and give her my warmest recommendation!


So – from what I can tell you’re extremely responsive. Which I like, but considering I have had a glimpse into your life and how hectic it is, I find your responsiveness to be that much more impressive. You’re obviously extremely smart because you’ve come to know and remember a lot about me in a very short amount of time. Also impressive considering how many people you meet and have to get to know. It’s obvious to me that you have met and worked with all kinds and know how to adapt to any of their needs. Fortunately, I feel very comfortable around you – if someone asked me what I thought about you, I would tell him/her that you are a professional, confident, well accomplished, well spoken, Jewish but worldly, extremely personable and passionate young woman who is a caring and wonderful mother and wife, an all around pleasure to be around, and someone who G-d willing one day soon come to my wedding.


I recently got the opportunity to meet Lori, and it’s been a true pleasure working with her. She is very diligent about her matchmaking and goes the extra mile to get to know her members and send quality matches.

If there were Oscars for best matchmaker, I would like to nominate Lori. She’s an all-star!


I am writing this letter to praise the work of Lori Salkin.
Lori deserves a moment for me to say thank you. I wanted to say thank you
to her for taking time to chat with me to try to help me find my zivug. Knowing how busy she is with two young
children, a husband, many other SYAS members, and the other duties and
responsibilities that she has make me hold her in high regard. She is truly
the best shadchanit that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my many
years of being on and off the site.
Lori deserves many accolades for her work.


He liked the fact that Lori knew the women very well. “Despite making use of a computer, human intelligence is always the best!”


I just want to let you know that one of my shadchanim is doing an outstanding job and the results show. I am very hard to set because of my haskkafas but somehow Lori Salkin has figured me out to a “T” and set me up on some good dates.


Having a personal connection with my connector gives me greater control over my dating. I don’t get suggestions at inopportune time, and instead get suggestions when I feel I am available. I really appreciate Lori and all her work, and I believe her style of matchmaking is very effective.


The care, time, and personal interest that she puts into her matchmaking work is truly amazing!


She would listen to my complaints and frustrations about my wife and about the dating process, and she helped us to negotiate key steps in our relationship.


I just wanted to say how amazing and inspirational Lori is, it’s very refreshing to listen to Lori who is both a mother and entrepreneur.


She is very diligent about her matchmaking and goes the extra mile to get to know her members and send quality matches.